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Treatments & Styling

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Nuwave Perm
Brazilian Blowout

The Nuwave perm system transforms your hair from straight to the perfect curls! It can also reform your curl pattern to allow for a more consistent curl. This service includes a wash an blowdry style.

Starting at: $200

With a Brazilian Blowout, smooth, sleek hair is a hassle free process. This process is the opposite of a perm, smoothing and straightening the hair to be soft and manageable. This service includes a wash and blowdry style.

Starting at: $350

Blowdry Blowout

A blowdry blowout is when we wash and blowdry your hair into a blowdry round-brush style. This service includes a wash and blowdry style!

Starting at: $49

Hair Repair Blowout

A hair repair blowout is a service that includes specific treatments to tackle your hair problems. This service includes a wash and blowdry style.

Starting at: $69

Fairy Hair

Fairy hair is a fun way to express yourself for an event, be in for school or a festival! This adds tinsel to the hair in strands to give a fun glittery look! This service just includes the install of the tinsel.

Half head starting at: $50

Full head starting at: $100

Hot Tool Styling

Hot tool styling is exactly as it sounds! This is for those who want their hair curled or straightened for the day.

Starting at: $10

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