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Green Leaves

Women's Haircut

Women's Haircut includes a Professional Consultation, relaxing Shampoo & Conditioner, Customized Haircut, and Blowout Style.

Starting at $59

Men's Haircut

Men's haircut with either Clippers or Scissors, followed by a Shampoo with a Peppermint Hot Towel, and a Style to finish.

Starting at $35

Deva Curl Haircut

A haircut that is based off each individual curl. It includes a shampoo and style. We will help you embrace and understand what works best for your curls and walk you through how to embrace your curls like the Deva your are!

Starting at $89

Women's Dry Cut

Please come with your hair Clean, and Dry. No shampoo and style included.

Starting at $45

Men's Trim 

Keep your cut looking fresh at all times. The Men's Trim service is for short hair styles that are existing clients that are seen every 4 weeks or less.

Starting at $29

Bang Trim

A quick service for trimming your bangs. This services is offered one time for existing clients that have a pre-booked appointment at not charge.


Gender Affirming / Unisex Haircut

We at Moss and Moon wish to create a safe space for all those who sit with us! This service includes a shampoo and styling. Price varies depending on thickness and length.

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