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Columbia's Best
Hair Salon

Moss & Moon Hair Loft LLC is a well-established hair salon that takes great pride in bringing you the best in haircutting, styling, and coloring techniques and innovations. Our licensed professionals have years of combined experience and a proven track record for keeping our clients looking their best.

When you’re looking to connect with a talented stylist who offers a full suite of the best hair services, there’s no other salon like ours. We’re a clean, top-recommended, all-inclusive space that welcomes all ages, genders, and hair types.

Our goal is to provide you with an upscale experience that allows you to leave our chairs feeling like a million bucks but doesn’t put too much undue strain on your finances. Are you ready to make a change that will help you live life with the most confidence? We’re prepared to make it happen.

Our initial consultations are offered at no risk, so we can get to know the unique features of your hair, any challenges you’ve faced, what you’re comfortable with, and the goals you have for your locks.

Dial (803) 509-0885 now to set up an appointment.

Get a Haircut That Matches Your Distinctive Personality and Style

Is your signature hair a big part of your personality? Are your locks how other people can tell it’s you from afar? Perhaps you’re more inclined to a carefree hairstyle that’s easy to manage while you take care of your responsibilities at work and home or enjoy your hobbies.

Whatever you desire, our hairstylists are here to help you make the most informed decisions to compliment your face shape, hair type, and personal preferences. Don’t hesitate to make a bold change. We’re equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and technology to give you the shape and dimension you’ve always dreamed of.

Would you like to see some examples of our recent work? Head to our website’s gallery page to see pictures of our gorgeous clients sporting the results of our finished services.

Get Your Dream Hair with Moss & Moon Hair Loft LLC’s Hairstylists

Whether you’re looking to stay fresh and professional for work, or you’re planning to go to a friend’s wedding and need a killer hairstyle, you’ll need a good hairstylist. You’re looking for a stylist who understands your challenges with your current cut and can ask the right questions to uncover the details necessary to create the look you’re hoping to transition to.

Our most-requested hair salon services include:

  • Long haircuts

  • Short haircuts

  • Full hair color

  • Partial Hightlights

  • Full Highlights

  • Perms

  • Permanent hair straightening

  • Extension

  • Updos

  • Makeup

  • Eyebrows and Lip Wax

  • Blowouts and styles

  • …and so much more!

We employ a team of expert hair colorists, stylists, and cutting-edge innovators committed to staying on top of the skills required to produce the most avant-garde looks. We’re looking forward to learning more about your hair goals and helping you explore any ideas you might be considering. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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Book A Consultation 

Moss & Moon Hair Loft LLC makes it easy to find a professional hairdresser who understands your vision for the perfect hair design and has the skills, tools, and experience needed to bring it to life in a way that best compliments your features.


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