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Hello Gorgeous,

Welcome to Moss and Moon 

   Meet Marissa, the owner and the women behind the vision of Moss & Moon.  Born and raised in NY, Marissa grew up in the hair and Fashion Industry. Her Mother owns a salon and is a platform artist with Paul Mitchell, traveling from city to city teaching stylists from around the world her hair techniques . Marissa knew from a young age what it took to be a great stylist and business women and set out to achieve it. Moving to Lexington SC in 2015 meant restarting her career from scratch in a new city. "Nothing has ever come easy for me or was given to me." Up for the challenge, Moss and Moon was established right before the Covid-19 shut down. That didn’t stop this women on a mission. She spent her time making sure the salon was perfect for the grand opening, and that everyone would feel completely comfortable and welcomed.


 “ We are an upscale salon with a "come as you" are vibe. Upscale does not mean dressed to the nines in my opinion. It is about the service, outcome and the customer experience that makes it five star. We are here to serve you.”

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